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British Manufacturing Growing in the Face of Adversity! How can Procurement Continue to Aid Growth?

In 2017 we are braced for times of adversity with Brexit in Britain, Trump in America and the change in political establishment across the West, yet the manufacturing industry in Britain is going through an unexpected boom!

Brexit, A Golden Opportunity for Procurement to Shine?

Brexit maybe seen as doom and gloom for some professions, but it can be argued that it is a golden opportunity for procurement to shine and demonstrate its true value to  organisations  A recent survey reflected that one in four senior procurement practitioners expected the departure of the UK from Europe to heighten the status of procurement within their organisations.  

How can we Influence and Engage Stakeholders?

Working within procurement recruitment I am in a very fortunate position to understand what hiring managers want from their procurement teams.

Cost vs Value for Money – Procurement & Recruitment Perspectives

As a specialist Procurement Recruiter I was keen to write about something interesting and relevant that effects both the procurement and recruitment industry. Surprisingly when I looked at the main issues affecting both areas I realised fairly quickly that there are some common occurrences.