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The machine that changed the world…and procurement!

Sometimes it’s worth looking at where procurement has gained the most ground to understand where it’s going next.

Automotive has been one of those crucibles of success and one of the areas where there remains a fascinating balance in the procurement space between old values and new ideas.

Academics held automotive procurement as the best of the best less than 20 years ago.

So why has it seemingly become lost amongst the many –the automobile, the machine that procurement built; why is it not the beacon of procurement performance?

Technology (both electronic and human) that does offer differentiation and competitive advantage is driving a global revolution in all areas of our lives and to think that the workplace can be immune to this has resulted in many organisations having the illusion they are, at least, standing still.

The automotives have been slow to wake up and, perhaps, indulgent in remembering the good old days. Organisations that aren’t carrying the baggage of prior excellence are uninhibited by their history and happy to learn from others, however big or small; branded or anonymous.

Sourced from Procurement Leaders

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