Is salary your main motivator in the workplace? A look at the Chinese Super League - Procurement People
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Is salary your main motivator in the workplace? A look at the Chinese Super League

As an avid football fan I have paid much interest over recent months of the emergence of the Chinese Super League within the world of football. For those of you unaware of the current situation, Chinese President Xi Jinping has an ambition to turn football in his country in to a global leader. Having witnessed the wealth and power of Britain’s very own Premier League, Xi Jinping recognises that by investing in the Chinese Super League they will in turn reap the rewards later down the line in benefits to their economy.

President Xi has therefore set out a 10-year plan, running from 2015 to 2025, to double the size of the Chinese sports economy to more than £600billion, based on state and private investment in football. As well as developing their own grass roots football, Chinese Super League teams have been bankrolled by massive corporate investment supporting investment in foreign players that can really act as ambassadors and statements of intent to the football world.

Most notably, Carlos Tevez recently signed for Shanghai Shenhua where he will become the world’s highest paid footballer earning a staggering £615,000 PER WEEK! Several others have followed suit, including Oscar who has moved from the widely regard best league in the world – the Premier League in the UK, for £400,000 per week. At 25 years of age Oscar is in his prime therefore evidence that footballers previously who would never have even contemplated playing in the far east are being attracted by salaries that are even off the scale in the rarefied world of football.

What really peaked my attention recently were the rumours of Wayne Rooney leaving the UK for China. Let’s not forget Rooney has earned millions over the years and is currently earning £300,000 per week. Rooney has decided to turn down the offers of higher money to remain in the UK for now, clearly having over motivators than money. Certainly having young children may have played a part and of course the several millions already in the bank!

However, this got me thinking. Whilst I will never be a footballer and earn the crazy amounts of money they do, how would I react in my situation if I was offered double the salary to go and live on the other side of the world? As a family man with young children there are many other factors to take into consideration than just money. That is just my personal opinion though and a few years back I may have taken a very different view on the matter.

However, whilst money is obviously important, is a few extra numbers on the salary the be all and end all? Recent research from Gallup found that 63% of people surveyed would not leave their job if they won the lottery! This just shows how important work life is to many people, as oppose to just being a means to pay the bills. The research should be encouraging for employers who spend time and effort trying to improve employee engagement, as it offers proof that engaged employees are more loyal and committed to the company.

I would therefore be very interested to gauge the views and thoughts of my network. What is most important to you? And if not money, what is becoming particularly important to you as we move into times where flexible working and work life balance becomes more and more popular? Please be as honest as possible!

By Adam Roughton – Principal Consultant – Procurement People