Executive Search

Executive Search, Retained Assignments and Psychometric Profiling

A successful Executive Search assignment requires a blend of key elements; industry knowledge to understand the market and business needs, assessment sciences (psychometric profiling) to mitigate potential risks and the art of human relations to discover the successful hire.

Executive Search & Selection is an ideal choice for targeting senior level procurement professionals or identifying candidates with very specific skill-sets or when recruiting in difficult geographical locations. We offer a discreet and highly targeted (headhunt) approach for sensitive roles which includes a full market map, leading to the identification and attraction of individuals who meet the key criteria or where appropriate in combination with this we deliver highly-visible and engaging retained advertising campaigns.

Our trained consultants will conduct competency based interviews with shortlisted candidates and use psychometric profiling to determine their suitability. The benefits of using psychometric profiling include exploring character traits, motives and talents,  which gives an indication of organisational fit and also identifies career and development planning opportunities for successful candidates.


Assignments are always conducted by our most senior consultants who:

  • Are subject matter experts in your industry, understanding the issues and opportunities within your industry as we adopt an ‘inch wide, mile deep’ philosophy
  • Take their time to understand and consider your company culture
  • Seek out the challenges that are unique to your organization
  • Network with the top talent in your industry


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