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What else can we expect for procurement in 2015?

Originally published by Proxima, author Guy Strafford writes...

Year end reflections are usually about the changes that will happen ‘next year’. 2015 will be the year when (insert as appropriate!) will finally take off...
But this year, we first want to reflect on the year gone by. It’s hard not to make bold statements about how much procurement and the management of suppliers have come to the fore. Take three examples that have shaped the front page news.

Food giant Tesco had to restate its profits because it appears to have over-stated profitability related to supplier payments. Premier Foods controversially asked suppliers to make upfront payments. Lastly, the UK government faced down G4S and Serco on the subject of over-charging.

There are many other examples ranging from slavery in supply chains through to the previously dusty world of statutory audit where new rules on compulsory tendering have forced the board to take a fresh look at how they buy professional services.

We cannot remember another year when procurement was defining the news so consistently (which informs our prediction for 2015).

So as the year draws to a close, let’s reflect on some of the major challenges and accomplishments that shaped 2014 – and consider what might await us all in 2015.

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